HydroBlue ® 92

Our leading solution for premium textile dyeing

With over a century of experience, BASF has revolutionized the field of dyeing agents. As the original creator of Hydrosulfite in 1904, we have continuously innovated to provide top-notch solutions for denim production and beyond. If you are looking for consistent dyeing quality, reliability, and efficiency, coming with less impurities, leading to less dosage, combined with safer handling, BASF has exactly what you need.

Discover HydroBlue® 92: Our leading solution for premium textile dyeing

HydroBlue® 92 is a white powder that raises the bar in dyeing technology. Its long-term stability, odorless composition, and dustfree formula stands for consistent high-quality dyeing, reliability, and efficiency.

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Product Details

Key Features and Benefits:


  • Outstanding stability : HydroBlue® 92 maintains its stability over extended periods, with an extralong shelf life of at least two years, ensuring consistent and reliable dyeing results that manufacturers and customers can trust.
  • Odorless and dustfree: Bid farewell to unpleasant odors and unsafe work environments.
  • HydroBlue® 92 is odorless and dustfree, providing a clean and pleasant dyeing experience.
  • High dithionite content: Over other formate-based products, HydroBlue® 92 offers a higher sodium dithionite content of 92 %, excellent stability and contains less impurities. This leads to an excellent consistency of dyeing results.
  • Reduced impurities: HydroBlue® 92 is meticulously crafted for dyeing with less impurities compared to our standard products, leading to excellent results and purer end products.
  • Safer handling: Safety is our top priority. HydroBlue® 92 is designed with safe handling in mind, providing a sound dyeing process.
  • Contact us today to learn more about how HydroBlue® 92 solution can enhance your dyeing and bleaching processes. Let us help you achieve excellence in quality, reliability and efficiency.