B2Last ®

Paving the Way to Sustainable Road Construction with B2Last ®

Revolutionize Road Construction with Our Sustainable Bitumen Additive: B2Last ®

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Product Details

At BASF, we are committed to paving the way for sustainable road construction. Our cutting-edge and sustainable bitumen additive, B2Last®, is designed to revolutionize road construction. With B2Last®, achieving high-performance roads while minimizing the environmental impact is now possible.


B2Last ® is a high performance bitumen additive that works by optimizing the performance of bitumen to make it more durable, less susceptible to cracking and rutting. This can significantly extend the lifespan of roads, resulting in long-term cost savings and minimizing the environmental impact.


With our sustainable bitumen additive, B2Last ®, you can be part of the global shift towards environmentally friendly infrastructure. By choosing our solution, you will also be contributing to reducing carbon emissions during road construction. Together, we can build sustainable roads that prioritize sustainability, and deliver the highest possible performance standards.


Product Benefits:

  • Reduce Emissions along production chain
  • Increased road lifetime
  • Lower storage temperatures for bitumen possible

Application Possibilities:

  • Road Pavement
  • Asphalt Pavement